Mining Due Diligence Services


Experienced, Worldwide Mining Due Diligence

Technical due diligence for mines

When we conduct our due diligence services, we perform an exhaustive and thorough analysis of all technical and physical aspects, as well as the potential risks, rewards, and opportunities. Technical mining due diligence services typically include an impartial evaluation of associated costs tied to development, operations, and planning. We also perform an in-depth review of the risks and threats that could arise at that point of time.

Financial due diligence for mines

After the technical risks and opportunities have been determined, we evaluate the financial ramifications, opportunities, and exploration potential. We are then able to present this information succinctly so key stakeholders can make informed business decisions.

Our core clientele

Global Mineral Advisory Services Inc. has performed nearly 500 mining due diligence projects, both technical and financial, for some of the world’s most well-respected banks, financial institutions, hedge funds, investment firms, and mining companies.

In the past, our clients have tasked us with performing technical and financial due diligence services on over 196 different mines with commodities such as: Coal, Cobalt, Copper, Diamonds, Gold, Iron Ore, Nickel, Silver, Zinc, Lithium, Rare Earths, Vanadium.

Experienced, Worldwide Mining Due Diligence Services

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